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CDDC 5???

No...CDDC 5???

Unfortunately the response to CDDC5 was not great

The final season of CDDC was 6 Challenges with the emphasis on COUTURE. Contestants had two weeks to complete a challenge. There was some big changes, some new judges and new categories. Yes after much discussion with judges, there was three different categories for contestants to compete in.

There was Beginner, Intermediate and Professional categories. Beginners being those who have been sewing for two years or less and have only ever used commercial patterns. Intermediates are those who have more than two years experience sewing and have designed their own patterns. Professional speaks for itself. They are the contestants that do this for a living or as a hobby, but often sell their items.

All contestants would compete in the same challenge, but with different expectations. For example if the challenge was to produce a Goth outfit, then Beginners could do so using a pattern while giving it their own personal touches. The other contestants will not be allowed to use commercial patterns, but will have the rules geared to their expertise.

There was room for 10 contestants in each category. However if by the deadline say 13 contestants have applied for the Beginner, 12 for the Intermediate and 5 for the Professional, then CDDC would go ahead with those numbers. In other words, there will be 30 contestants chosen and would fill up the categories accordingly.

Contestants were asked to send a small blurb about yourself and how long you've been sewing and what you've been doing. Also send 1 to 3 pics of recent items you have done.

If you've competed before in CDDC, you are more than welcome to return again to compete. The only stipulation on that is, last years Winner has to wait a year to compete again.

So let's go, you have until specific date at midnight Pacific Standard Time to get your entry in. Send pics and small bio to Larraine at

CDDC will begin with the first challenge on ......

Make it work, designers!!!

Host Larraine

The Prizes:

Our Grand Prize: For the winner of each division, their designs will once again be featured in an upcoming issue of FDQ Magazine. For the Professional division all six designs will be shown. For the Intermediate division three designs(designer's choice) will be shown and for the Beginner division one design will be shown(designer's choice).

PROFESSIONAL DIVISION: From Couture Doll Shops a six month rent free shop on Couture Doll Shops site, this will also include shop set up/website(if the winner does not already have a site). From Tonner Doll Company, Freedom for Fashion Sori Aiko.

INTERMEDIATE DIVISION: From Angelic Dreamz a beautiful Platinum Cami Basic doll.

BEGINNER DIVISION: From Tonner Doll Company, Galadriel.

Best Photography Prize: In Focus: Digital Photography for the Doll Collector by Pat Henry

Each Challenge Winner with receive PDF Pattern of choice from Designs By Jude


This year our sponsors are:

Pat Henry - FDQ Magazine

Robert Tonner - Tonner Doll Co.

Dot Festeu - Couture Doll Shops

Tamara Casey - Designs By Jude

George Gonzalez - Angelic Dreamz


Here are the Resident and Guest Judges:

Resident Judges:

Hilda Westervelt - Bellissima Couture

Rob Thompson - Robs Dolls
Malinda Zelazo - Doll Collector and Fashion enthusiast


Guest Judges:
David Buttry - Integrity Toys
Jim Faraone - IFDC
Dal Lowenbein - Dal's Dolls
Durelle Brown - Chic Indulgence
Tamara Casey - Designs By Jude
Matt Sutton & Matt Trujillo - Custom Designs by Matt Sutton


Again this year our fabulous and informative blog will be done by our Blogmeister, Dot Festeu who is also our manager over at our sister site Couture Doll Shops and a sponsor.

The Designers for the fourth edition of Couture Doll Design Challenge are:

Agarva Moller Australia
Ann Minosky Canada
Dimitry Puzanov Russia
Kevin Roberts USA
Sue Townson England
Theo Malloy USA
Vicky Lujan-Gibbs USA
Anj Calvo Phillippines
Anna Kadachegova Russia
Breck Sullivan-Carpenter USA
Cholo Ayuyao Philippines
Elena Prokhorova Russia
Jason Kramer USA
Joe Coloff USA
Julia Peshkova Russia
Julia Rebeskova Russia
Mark Tinkey USA
Olga Ermolaeva Russia
Anita Stoklosa Poland
Anna Lipka Poland
Cynda Woffenden USA
Gordana Niemela USA
Maria Ustynovska Ukraine
Suyanee Wongchotwiriyakit Thailand